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wholesale fliesWe are waiting to bid on your next fly order!

Why FliesDirect?

- USA based Fly Manufacturer / Distributor / Wholesaler with better than direct, overseas pricing.

- No money sent overseas! Payments handled securely online within the USA safely and easily without transaction fees!

- Worlds only competive bidding model for fly manufacturing. Take advantage of our competitive bidding model and volume buying power!

- High quality standards held intact with our competitive bidding models. Manufactures know they must earn your return business!

- FliesDirect has used the same trusted partners since 2004 to ensure quality, consistency and customer satisfaction!

- Shop our extensive online open bidding fly catalog with over 1000 patterns from around the world. FliesDirect can custom tie any pattern, jig or trolling rig.

- All orders are tracked efficiently through your online customer account. Customer accounts hold historical orders and tracking information in our safe and secure online customer panels.

- 100% satisfaction guarantee.


- No risk, no obligations! Simply build an order for FREE and receive 2-4 bids on your order within 48 hours!

The FliesDirect difference:

Our hand selected, trusted, high quality fly manufacturers are awaiting to openly bid and earn your business on your next fly order!

FliesDirect is the wholesale distributor of fish and trout flies. FliesDirect has tied millions of flies since opening our door as a fly shop in 1993. In 2004, we decided to put the efforts of our competitive partners to work and we haven't looked back.

We get many questions about our open bidding process simply because it is so unique and new to fly professionals. For any fly professional that has been in the industry for a period of time, finding a trustworthy, high quality fly manufacturing partner is very difficult to do. Once you find one, manufacturing pricing needs kept at a standard for you to do your business.

The open bidding process provides a secure, no risk, guaranteed option to fulfill all of your future fly orders. FliesDirect offers security in a guarantee of high quality patterns. How? FliesDirect has hand selected our partners that are to represent the high quality flies you seek. Each of our tiers have submitted a vast array of patterns and sizes for our specific review before entering our partnership. Additionally, each tie sent to FliesDirect is prescreened for quality assurance.

FliesDirect will offer each and every customer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are ever not satisfied with any of the patterns we provide, we will refund your money. It is that simple. Safe, secure, no risk and guaranteed! That is the FliesDirect difference! Take some time to review our FAQs for some additional answers to your questions. Also view our quick 1 min flash tour to see a review of the FliesDirect difference.

In summary, FliesDirect acts as a trusted trout fly fishing manufacturer and distributor for all your fishing fly needs. When compared to other manufacturers - distributors, FliesDirect keeps a competitive fly fishing advantage with our unique open bidding model. With no obligation to make a purchase, we encourage you to build a fly fishing order with FliesDirect and allow our trusted manufacturers to openly compete for you next fly fishing order. We are very confident you too will find FliesDirect to be your preferred manufacturer - distributor of all your future fly fishing orders. Give FliesDirect an opportunity to serve your fishing professional needs. Build a trout, bass, steel head, salmon or specialty fly order for free today. Within 48 hours, you will receive up to 2-4 bids from our fly fishing manufacturers and use the power of competition to ensure the best quality in your flies at the best prices each and every time.

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